Arcade Games

We have a wide variety of games, from shooters to fighters, strategy games and more!  All of your favorites from the 80's and 90's!  Check out the list below:


     ·1942                       ·Area 51                     ·Arkanoid                    ·Asteroids                       ·Bags Toss              

     ·Cabal                     ·Capt America & the Avengers                  ·Castle of Dragon         ·Centepede    

     ·Choplifter             ·Commando            ·Crime City                 · Defender                     · Desert Assault     

     · Devastators        · Dig Dug                   · Donkey Kong          · Dragon Ball Z              · Fire Trap                

     · Galaga                  · Gauntlet Dk Legacy · NBA Hangtime    · Golden Tee 2006      · Hang On   

     · Jurassic Park 3     · Killer Instinct 2      · Majestic 12               · Marvel Vs Capcom     · Mortal Kombat 2 

     · Mrs Pacman        · TMNT                      · Nintendo NES         · Pacman                        · Radical Bikers  

     · Silver Strike         · Simpsons               · Space Gun                · Space Invaders          · Street Fighter 2

     · SF Alpha              · Sunset Riders        · Super High Impact  · Super Mario Bros      · Track and Field      

     · Trophy Hunter    · Vindicators             ·  WWF Wrestling       · Zero Point


Pinball Machines

We have a nice pinball lineup to start you off!  If you are a pinball fan, you are sure to recognize some of these titles!

· Captain Fantastic                                  · Cue Ball Wizard                                  · Fish Tales  

· Jack-Bot                                                  · Sinbad                                                  · Space Invaders                                      

· Strange Science                                    · Taxi                                                       · Twighlight Zone                                     

· Aerosmith                                            · Walking Dead                                       · Popeye Saves The Earth

Retro Game Consoles


We've added a different spin on the barcade business model!  We are proud to be the only Arcade Bar in Dallas to bring you authentic, old school game consoles.   We will have a wide variety of your favorite games from growing up; too many to list!  Come up to the bar and select your game.  All set up on big screen televisions in our 5,200 sq/ft facility!

                            · Nintendo                                                              · Super Nintendo  

                            · N64                                                                       · Sega Genesis

Table Games

It is our goal to bring you fun in every form!  Maybe arcades and pinball aren't your worries; we've got you covered.  Regeneration will be sporting an 8' pool table and 7' air hockey table.  If you can't find something fun to do in this place, try removing the stick from your butt!