Check Out Our Full Bar & The Best Cocktails in North Dallas!

Our Beers

Craft Beer, Arcade Bar Dallas

It was Davy Crockett who once said, "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."  At Regeneration, all of our beers were brewed right here in Texas.  We have a wide variety to choose from and you can always be sure that it was brewed right here in the greatest state in America.

Wine Anyone?

Wine with Friends Dallas

In vino veritas!  Our wine list is short and to the point.  We've selected our favorites for you to enjoy.

Full Bar

Liquor, Cocktails, Mixed Beverages, Mixed Drink

We are here to serve!  Our staff is well trained in all of your favorite cocktails.  We have a range of liquors to meet and exceed your expectations.  Our trendy bar and relaxed atmosphere will have you wanting to come back again and again!

Signature Drinks


Not sure what to order when you walk into bars?  Try one of our outstanding and award winning signature mixed beverages!  Inspired by some of our favorite arcade figures, these drinks are tasty and your friends are sure to be curious what you're having!

Our Bartenders


 All of our bartenders are extremely well versed in their art.  From Moscow Mules to White Russians, these guys and gals know their stuff.  They're also pretty friendly ;).  Test them out!  You won't be disappointed. 

For The Youngins


Before 8pm on any given night, Regeneration is open to guests of all ages.  As such, we want to be sure to accommodate everyone equally.  For those not of legal age, we have Coke products along with energy drinks, powerade and topo chico all day and night.