What We're About

Remember when you were a kid when you had no worries?  Mom and Dad took care of everything for you.  The worst thing in life was waiting for Saturday so that you could watch morning cartoons?  Us too.  

For a $10.00 entry fee, you get to relive those days. 

One benefit to being an adult is that you can choose how to spend your time and money.  We all have to work but its the things that we do outside of work that makes our lives worth living.  

We're about relaxing and having fun.  We're a place where you can shed all the stress and have a great time.  It is our great honor to bring you nostalgia in the form of video games, pinball, retro game consoles and, of course, delicious pizza!  

Come on in and shed all those workday woes.  Let Regeneration take you to the next level!